Billy No Mates

28 Bully 32629They say we all have good and evil within us, meet Tom and Billy.

Billy looked up. “What are you doing here?”

“Come to see you.”


“Because…” Tom sat down. “Because I’m your brother.”

Billy leaned forward. “No, Tom. You’re a horrible little oik.”


“You’re a … little …”


“You snitched on me. What do you expect?”

“I’m sorry. I said I’m sorry.”

“Too late now.”

Tom looked around the room. He was surprised to see just two others, talking to each other and ignoring them.

“You’re not so snow white yourself.”


“Mr Taylor’s front garden.”

“I’ve never been in Mr Taylor’s front garden.”

“Picky little shit! You weren’t in his garden.”

“You said-”

“Not IN his front garden. I saw you drop litter into it.”



“I didn’t!”

“Did too!” Billy spoke loudly enough for the others to turn to him.

Tom noticed the scared look on one of their faces. “When?”

“The day before I… the day before.”

“I… oh.”

“Yes! See? Not the darling son mum thinks you are, are you?”

“It wasn’t litter.”


“It wasn’t! It was a snail!”


“A snail. I almost treaded on it.”


“I almost trod on it, then, and I didn’t want anyone else to squish it so I picked it up. Mr Taylor has a lovely green garden so I dropped it over his fence.”


“Is that why-?”

“They’re going to keep me in here for years.”

Tom looked down into his lap. “I know.”

“And you knew you’d get me into trouble when you snitched.”

“I had to.”

“No… you… didn’t.”

“I liked Mr Taylor!”

“You didn’t know him.”

“He said ‘hello’ when I walked past and he was outside. He was nice to me.”

“Well he wasn’t nice to me.”


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