Human Unfriendly

22 patch 690087Natalie looked under the sofa, Patch’s usual hiding place, but other than dust and a couple of his toys, it was empty.

She was less bothered about the gun lying on the coffee table. She’d not seen it before, it was the longest he’d ever had, but Granddad was often lying strange objects around the house; this one likely to be a new addition to his collection.

One thing he never did though was take Patch for a walk. Letting him out in the garden was as good as it got and she hoped that was what he’d done but Granddad was not what you would call animal-friendly, or human-friendly. He barely tolerated Natalie.

Natalie’s attention then turned to the running water in the kitchen. Washing hands or washing up? It had been running for too long to be either.

She walked through to the kitchen, expecting to see some sign of life but the only thing moving was the water, so she turned if off and tried the back door. As she thought, it was locked.

Looking around the room there was nothing out of place. Granddad if nothing else was fastidiously clean and tidy. She returned to the lounge and called again, waiting for paws or footsteps but the house gave nothing away.

Upstairs was no different; everything in its place. Coming down the stairs, she looked at the coat hooks and Patch’s lead was still there so a miracle hadn’t happened.

She called for them again but knew it was futile.

The gun was the only thing that had changed since she’d left that morning so she went to it, knelt down, and touched it, using the backs of her fingers, she knew better than to leave fingerprints. The gun was warm.


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