Leaving a gap

21 journal 16797Hello diary. Hello Diary. Mum bought you for me for Christmas and I am so excited. I doh doent do not know whether to wait until January the first or start now. Next year is a whole week away and we’ve had such a great Christmas Day so I think I am going to start now. I am. OK, new line.

Dad was being a bit quiet today. I think he ate too much. So did I.

Mum was busy cooking so hers was colder than ours because she wanted to do the washing up before she had hers and she had less than us, I do not think she was hungry. She told us not to wait so we did not. I felt a bit bad but Dad said we should do as we were told so we did. I did not eat as quickly as him because I wanted to still be eating when Mum came to the table. Oh yes, you will not know that the kitchen table is now in the dining room. Yes, we have a dining room! So the kitchen table is now the dining room table. I do not think it minds. In fact I think it is really happy. I am happy too because I like it here. It’s bigger than our old flat. This one has an upstairs, where we sleep, which means I have to come downstairs if I need a drink of water when I cannot sleep. Mum suggested – suggested means that she was giving me a good idea – but I did not think it was a good idea so I did not do it. She suggested that I take a glass of water to bed, when I go to bed, but it will get warm. I said that to her and she said it was OK. This place is warmer than the flat. It has fancy white windows with two pieces of glass in each one! So I did not bring any water to bed. I do not mind getting up and going to the kitchen because I get cold and my bed is still warm when I get back.

I am going to say goodnight now because I am tired and it is late. Nearly ten oclock. If I get up to get some water, I might say hello but nothing will have happened for me to report other than me going downstairs and getting the water so I probably will not.

Good morning diary. It is December the 26th.

December 26 – Boxing Day

Good morning Diary. I forgot that diaries have the dates at the top so I have gone back to yesterdays and put December 25 – Christmas Day at the top, just in little writing because I did not leave much space.

This is not a normal diary because it does not have the dates at the top. Mum said she did not want to buy me one of those because it would mean that I could only write on one page and she said I should write whatever I wanted. She called it a journal – she helped me spell it – but it sounds silly to say Hello Journal so I have called it you a Diary. Not a diary with a little d because you are a person like me because when I read you you talk to me.

There are lines so I can write in straight lines. I like it. I try to make my handwriting nice, like I was teached tort at school. That was a long time ago. I am too old to go to school now.

Nothing really happens at home so I do not know if I would fill a whole page anyway but it does mean that I can put two days on one page if I want to. I left a gap on yesterdays because we had a busy day so I can tell you what happened. I will do it later. I will not forget. I have a good memory.

Mum is calling me to go downstairs for breakfast so I am going now but I will write more later.


I have put a line there because it means that I am not here for a while.

December 28 – The Day After The Day After Boxing Day

Sorry I have not written anything for two days. I have left lots of lines so I can write what happened yesterday. I have put in the title. December 27 – The Day After Boxing Day but I don’t want to write it yet.

I think you will want to know what happened so I will put a little now here.

Mum has left us. I think that is why Dad was quiet but he has not said much. He said she packed a few things in a bag and left in the middle of the night. I wanted to go into their bedroom to see which things she took. She showed me her clothes so I know which ones are missing but Dad will not let me. I asked him when she left, what time, but he shaked shook his head.

I said before, to you, that I usually wake up and get a glass of water but I did not. I would have seen her leave, tried to stop her. I would have woken up if she left would not I?

I think it is going to be OK. Just with Dad and I. Mum did the cooking and shopping and cleaning but I can do that. I can do the cooking. I watched Mum. I can clean too. I know what to do.

Dad will do the shopping. Sometimes he goes to the pub for a drink. He is not a alko He does not drink much. He asked me if I wanted to go with him I do not like to go out.

I have to go. Dad wants me. He needs me. So I am leaving a gap.


Picture above courtesy of morguefile.com.

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