Quiet and noisy

07 cracked glass 48439The candle flickered while the man crouched over my ankle. It looked like a candle but I think it was probably a lighter.

Someone had put their briefcase under my head and I could feel the catch digging in. I didn’t like to complain because it meant I had a better view of the man. Compared to the pain in my right leg, my head was OK. Uncomfortable, not painful really.

Pain’s good though isn’t it because it means I can feel it, that it’s going to be OK. I know there’s something on it, my leg, pressing down, so once they get it off they can move me, take me to hospital.

I remember shouting when I first came to, but no one took any notice apart from that one guy but I think he was close to me and it seemed like I was the only one making any noise, so I stopped. The woman next to me had take the full force of the metal caving in and I think died instantly because she didn’t answer me and she hadn’t stopped talking since she’d got on at Milton Keynes so I know she would have said something if she could have done.

The lights going out was the worst thing. I hate the dark.

Noise. I had expected to be more noise but I remember the impact then the quiet. Too quiet. I thought everyone was dead but then I sensed people moving around, shadows, then the pain of my leg took over.

I think the man went to tend to someone else, there are bound to be people worse off than me, but the briefcase is still there.

My head’s beginning to hurt a bit now and if I concentrate on that, my ankle isn’t so painful. I know I should think of something else, good things like meeting Josie for lunch.

Oh shit, I must phone her, tell her what’s happened, that I’m OK. She’ll hear it on the news and worry. She’s a worrier when everything’s going well, so…

A light! There’s a light! Hello? Over here! No, this way…

It’s OK. I’ll wait. I’m not going anywhere and the train certainly isn’t. Not for a while at least. They’ll have to clear it out the way, bring in cranes. The poor sods on the later commutes are going to be pretty pissed off. They’ll either have to divert… not sure if they can do that. Buses. They put on extra buses, don’t they?

Something doesn’t smell very nice. Not like petrol or diesel so that’s good. At least we’re not going to blow up.

And it’s cold. Whatever ran into us… it definitely ran into us because it came into the side, we didn’t run into it, must have made a hole… of course it did you stupid sod. Even if it caved the side in there’ll be a hole.

Poor train company. I don’t usually feel sorry for them… costs me over a grand a year just to get to work and back, but trains are expensive aren’t they. I suppose they’ll have insurance.

It’s still quiet. Can’t understand why there aren’t people panicking, you know, pulling at things, trying to get out or get other people out. I know someone will come for me… back for me soon. They know I’m alive so they’ll come.

Just need to get to my bag. I should have left it on, across my chest like I always do but I wanted to read my book, the latest Kate Atkinson, only just started it so can’t even tell you what it’s about. It’s another Jackson Brodie so it’ll be good for sure. Can’t help picturing Jason Isaacs now with his lovely blue eyes.

Need to find my bag. Get my mobile then I can ring Josie and she can ring for help. It’s fully-charged with plenty of credit. She’s my ICE. In Case of Emergency. I was going to ask her to move in with me. Think she’d say “yes”. They say something like this tests a relationship. You know, when one person’s injured and will need rehabilitation but I’m lucky in that respect too. Josie’s a nurse. Senior. Not long had a promotion. That’s where we met. At the hospital. I’m a bit accident prone, you see, although this is the worst one yet. Usually just come off my bike… bicycle not motorbike. No, not going fast enough to cause any real damage.

It’ll get light soon. That’ll help. They’ll be able to see where everyone is, not rely on torches.

You’d think there would be mobiles ringing. Everyone uses mobiles, don’t they? Shout too loudly because of the noise, even quiet electric trains are noisy. That doesn’t make sense. Quiet and noisy.

Hello? I’m here! Anyone? Can someone see my bag? I need to ring, Josie. Hello?


Picture above courtesy of morguefile.com.

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