Their world was lacking

Out in the street, Jimmy felt vulnerable. It wasn’t as if there was anyone around to do anything – that was the trouble.

He’d not seen another human for three days and that had been just a glimpse. A glimpse so fleeting that Jimmy hadn’t been sure at the time that it had been human. He couldn’t even say male or female – half a leg, a trainer running, into a doorway, its humanity only confirmed by the high-pitched scream it had emitted just a few seconds later as a Guston had found it – now clearly no longer afraid of the dark.

So that left Jimmy no choice – stay indoors and wait, or venture outside and take his chance. He knew how Will Smith had felt in ‘Legend’ except Will had a dog, albeit before it went mad.

There was no way of telling how many people were left. Thousands had perished, millions Jimmy reckoned once the televisions had stopped working, no survivors to bring the news, generate the power.

It was clear that that’s what the Gustons were after – power. Human flesh and bone that replenished the resources that their world was lacking.

Jimmy had wished when it first started that he was married, that he’d have someone to keep him company but as the food started to run out he was glad he was alone. Now he had to search or starve. He was a survivor, always had been, but it had taken on a new meaning, a real meaning. Life had become life or death. The ultimate choice. No choice.

194 fangs 21190As he edged forward inch by inch, Jimmy sniffed noiselessly, the Gustons having that unmistakable smell.

It was that smell, as he turned the corner where the ravaged newsagents, devoid of edibles and inedibles, met the ransacked hairdressers, devoid of anything sharp, that hit him, as the Guston that almost had.

They stared at each other, Jimmy wrapping his hand around the scissors in his pocket as the Guston snorted. Jimmy snorted back. He then stepped back and looked the Guston up and down, the familiar but blood-soaked trainers the only thing human about it. Jimmy shook his head. The Guston tilted his head like a dog trying to understand an order. “No,” Jimmy growled and raised the scissors as the Guston bared its fangs.


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