Wait, listen and wait some more

It wasn’t another planet but it might as well have been. Bradford. Why had he brought me to Bradford?

Nostalia, he’d said, but I didn’t know anyone there. Here. It’s full of… well, Yorkshire people with funny accents and pudding that you eat with beef. The only puddings I know you eat with ice cream, or cream if you’re lucky.

A new start, he told me.

He? Oh, yeah, that’s Harry, my son. Married to Doreen. Barely married at that. That’s why they needed a new start.

I told them they should have left me down south. Three is most certainly not company, or is it two? I forget. Oh yes, Bradford. Harry insisted we’d been before. Lots of times, he’d said but nothing looked familiar. Too modern for me, and what was I supposed to do? Harry had his new job and Maureen… What? Oh yes, Doreen. Should remember that, they’ve been together long enough. How many years? They had a party recently, just before we moved. Silly timing. There were boxes everywhere but Harry said it would double-up as a leaving do. I don’t think he really wanted to go but Doreen wasn’t too happy and she’s a northerner so she got her way.

She’s not found a job yet but then she’ll be busy settling us all in.

I’ve got a lovely room right at the top of the house. I was worried about the stairs but they said they’ll get one of those Stanley chairs. No, not Stanley. Air. Air line. Stanline. Something like that.

Doreen’s organising it. She’s good like that. Was a secretary. Can’t understand why she can’t get a job. Harry’s a doctor so she could work for him but he says she’s worked for international companies so I guess she wants something a bit more… you know, grand.

186 stairs 89047So they’ve put me up here and I have to wait for the electric stair chair. It’ll be fun; pressing buttons. It’s even got a joy stick, Harry said. I thought he was being rude until he showed me the picture. I could even have different coloured cushions so I went for something with flowers, pansies I think, so it would feel like I’m going out in the garden, although I’ll be sitting on it so I won’t see it, which is a shame.

It’s the garden I’ll miss most. Can’t understand why they’d choose somewhere so big that had a yard for a garden, all concrete and plant pots. Used to spend hours pottering, I did. Now I’ll have to potter around the house, make sure I don’t get in Maureen’s way. Not that I can up here.

I hear her singing to the radio sometimes. I’ve asked for one of my own. Mine was in the box of things that went missing when we moved. Had to be mine, didn’t it. Had all my photos of Charles in it. All but one. Still have the locket round my neck. Not taken it off in 50 years. He was a handsome man, my Charles. Wouldn’t mind being stuck up here if I had him to keep me company but I can’t complain. Doreen makes me nice meals; breakfast, tea. After that of course she’s busy getting everything ready for when Harry comes home. He can’t expect her to be up here with me when he’s been away from her all day. So I wait, listen and wait some more.


Picture above courtesy of morguefile.com.

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