A blue one

The hedge rustled. Out popped a face. It wasn’t your common or garden face but a blue one.

“Hello?” The face said.

No-one replied.

The face looked left, then right but the street was empty. A blue foot attached to the end of a blue leg appeared, followed by another. The body was long and elegant and finally the whole ‘being’ appeared.

Blue was over 8ft tall and you would think that such a creature would create a commotion, but there was still no-one around. No traffic, no pedestrians and no animals.

Walking towards the edge of the pavement, he looked left and right again, as he’d been taught, and crossed the road. Still the area was devoid of life.

He stared into the shop window. It was filled with televisions, all playing the same channel. On the screen was a lounge with two people sitting chatting to each other.

Blue peered closer to the window. Just then the people on the sofa shrieked and ran behind it.

The man was brave and slowly raised his head from behind the settee. Blue was still there, staring intently back. The man ducked down again.

Blue couldn’t hear what they were saying but had there been anyone else in the shop, they would have heard the conversation that was taking place behind the sofa.

153 lady on TV 675020The woman appeared next, and being reassured that there were at least two layers of glass between them, she rose to her feet and walked into the middle of the lounge. She then stepped forward a few feet and tapped the TV’s thick see-through layer.

Blue could see what she was doing but wasn’t able to hear the tapping. He tapped back on the shop window and the woman screamed.

He leapt back and almost fell off the pavement.

A set of headlights appeared from his left and a blue light started flashing from the top of the car.

A uniformed policeman got out and walked towards Blue.

“Up to your old tricks again, are you?” the policeman asked, taking off his helmet.

As he did so, Blue took his head off and out peeped another head; a young boy.

“Hello Sergeant Taylor. We’re going, honest.”

Just then Blue opened a zip in his stomach and another face appeared; this time it was a young girl. “Hello Daddy. Mummy said we could come out and play for a while but we’re on our way home now,” and she gave him the biggest smile he’d ever seen.


Picture above courtesy of morguefile.com.

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