Until the red light

She wasn’t to know that that’s how it would turn out, by someone actually dying. It was a silly prank, an April’s Fool even… except it was September. Two weeks before her forty-first birthday. Now Sarah had visions of spending it in prison. The police wouldn’t wait to find out that it was an accident, let her free on bail. They’d see it as murder plain and simple, ‘bang her up’ as the saying went.

It had all started a week before, when she went shopping, just groceries. Tesco. Nothing unusual. Until the red light, a couple in love walking across the road oblivious to her stopping for them but then she reckoned they wouldn’t have thanked her even if they had been aware, most people didn’t these days.

She watched the couple as they stepped on to the pavement, in tandem, as if their hearts beat in unison, step-by-step. They even looked right together, like a bulldog and its sturdy owner, except there was nothing sturdy about these two; as skinny as telegraph poles. They weren’t speaking but Sarah knew how it went… unspoken conversations like two old friends spending an evening together without a word. There was no need, it had all been said.

The couple had just reached the bus shelter when the car behind Sarah hooted, bringing her back to her senses. She looked into the rear view mirror to see a young man shaking his fist at her from behind his bright red sports car’s funeral-black steering wheel.

She put her hand up to say ‘sorry’ and, drove on putting the couple out of her mind… or she tried to but the more she thought about their closeness, the more it reminded her of him. Roger. And the ring. The ring she’d found, tried on, but had been much too small.


Photography courtesy of morguefile.com.

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